What is lipreading ?

Lipreading is a skill which could be useful for anyone who is losing their hearing.   It is also useful for anyone who has a relative, friend, or colleague who has hearing loss, so that they can communicate effectively.  It will demonstrate to a person how they can match up lip movement with the sound they are still able to hear.

A lipreading class will help you to understand the way lips move, while being spoken.  It will also show you how to use clues to understand language, it will show you how important facial expression is and body language and how these become clues for lipreading.   It will also offer advice and guidance about hearing aids, services where you live and create a small support group of people who are all in the same situation as you.  It will also signpost you to other services which may help you.  Lipreading could be the difference between becoming isolated and alone and continuing to participate in everyday life activities.  It can help with personal relationships too, when you develop hearing loss it can impact on your personal relationships and create misunderstandings.

  • It is important to learn lipreading skills while you still have some hearing.  It becomes very difficult if you leave it too late.
  • It is important that hearing loss is diagnosed correctly.  If you feel you have hearing loss you must see your GP who will check your ears for simple things such as wax which could have affected the ears.   They will then refer you to an ear nose and throat appointment or an audiologist.