Helpful Links page

Signal Charity – Deaf aware charity based in the Riverside shopping centre in Shrewsbury.  They strive to provide a local one stop shop for anyone who is profoundly deaf or hard of hearing.  The NHS have clinics there, and they also have hearing aid repair clinics for anyone who needs their tubes replacing or if their battery runs out unexpectedly.  The Links cafe within the shop will also provide you with a lovely cuppa and a sit down when you need one. Signal also provide a try before you buy service, on telephones and other equipment.


Gordon Morris – provider of loop systems and all kinds of equipment.  Great customer service, and very prompt.  They will answer any questions you have in a simple and efficient way.  Enabling you to choose equipment you might need, they also will provide you with equipment to try before you buy.


Talk with Sign – Specialist books and audio/visual media relating to Deafness and deaf culture. Enquiries are answered quickly and efficiently.


Shropshire Libraries – Almost all the libraries in Shropshire and Telford offer access to the internet, it is important that people with hearing loss are able to access this as it can be essential for communication.  There are many apps and websites which can offer help and support. The library staff will help you if you are not sure how to use the internet and they will also advise you about a concessionary library ticket.  They also have a loop system which can be used with people who have a “T” setting on their hearing aid.

Telford libraries  – Offers similar services to Shropshire –


Audiology Shrewsbury and Telford – Offering excellent service to all who choose to go to the NHS for hearing services.  Regular repair clinics which you can drop into on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning 10.00 – 12.00.  They also offer hearing therapy sessions and much more.  Please ask them for details or look at the website –


Shropshire Rural Community Charity – offering support for hearing aid wearers.  We support people who are new to wearing a hearing aid and to NHS patients who are house bound, we can re-tube hearing aids at home.