What can I offer you ?

One to one lipreading sessions –  They are usually 1 hour long as it is very tiring learning to lipread.  It is also much more beneficial to learn in a group as you can all discuss issues which affect you all and offer each other support. I usually suggest 10 x 1 hour sessions to enable you to learn the basics and to have some practice.  I also offer local lipreading classes in the Shropshire area, however these can be taken anywhere so just ask if it is something you are interested in organising.  These sessions are often taken up by people who are less confident, or people who work and feel they cannot get to other classes.  These sessions are excellent for anyone who has private hearing aids as this skill may not be offered.

Befriending service – As communication is my life, I am able to offer a befriending service for anyone who is hearing impaired.  You choose the time and place which suits you.  I’m happy to meet you in a cafe if that is what you want to do or visit your own home if you are unable to get out and about.

Deaf Awareness – These sessions are from one hour upwards. These sessions will be tailored to your needs support and  requirements. It works like a workshop so you will be doing the work and I facilitate it.  Please get in contact if you need more information about what is included in this.  This can be done for a family group, if communication is difficult because of the hearing impairment.

Advice and Guidance – Session is usually an hour long, if you think you need a little longer that can be arranged.   I can tell you what services are available in Shropshire and provide handouts and information leaflets to remind you about what we talked about.  If need be I can provide guidance to the services too.  I can signpost you to other organisations and services which may help you.


Price varies depending on where you live.