Coping with hearing loss course – starts tomorrow

Usually you will find me teaching face to face lipreading and hearing loss awareness to all sorts of people.  People with hearing loss, their relatives, their friends or support staff.  With the onset of this horrendous virus all that stopped very abruptly in March.  Its been a steep learning curve for all of us and as a result, I’ve not really been in touch with any of my students unless they are in contact on social media. 

I’ve had to learn how to use zoom, how to use other platforms to assist with teaching online and use new technology to get similar results and keep in touch with others.  I know I’ve missed friends and family and I’m sure its been really hard for anyone who has hearing loss.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to get to grips with all the learning and am now starting to teach online.  Not got to lipreading yet but I have been doing some hearing loss awareness and supporting activities.  I’m teaching as I usually do for the WEA (Workers Education Association).  There is a course starting tomorrow, and you can join it if you wish.  Here are the details.  Hearing loss can make people feel isolated and affect relationships. For the first time, our popular ‘Coping with Hearing Loss’ course is running online. Learn to navigate the support available for yourself or a family member, or someone you support, in this free and friendly course.

Coping with Hearing Loss (Taster) Tuesday 23rd June 11:15am:…

5 week course: Tuesday’s 11.15am from 30th June:…

Please help us to reach friends and family members who would find these courses useful. We can provide support to help get you up and running with the digital tools. Send a message to our page if you have any questions, or our friendly Support Services team can help by phone: tel. 0300 303 3464.

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I am a member of ATLA (Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults) – professional body for lipreading teachers. I am fully insured. Proud sponsor of Young Enterprise Shropshire awards Proud sponsor of The Dyslexia Awards, Learning Support Award Proud winner of Dyslexia Information Day award 2018. Shortlisted nominee of Dyslexia awards 2016. 2017, 2018, and 2019.
I am currently the Vice chair of the Shropshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing Forum, I have been on the committee for 5 years and continue to support the deaf community through supporting the forum. I am a volunteer with Shropshire Rural Community Charity as a volunteer we are all trained by our local audiology department and supported by the charity. I visit people who are in need of support with their hearing loss, they may be new to wearing a hearing aid or getting used to new hearing aids. I also visit people who are unable to get to audiology clinics due to being housebound or being in residential care. I do this to give something back to the community and help those who cannot get to local services.



One to one lipreading classes. Workshops for businesses, family groups or groups of friends who want to communicate more effectively about hearing loss awareness. I also do guest speaking for community groups such as Women’s Institutes and similar. I talk about your ear and how it works, also communication.


Working with people who have hearing loss to remain part of their community. Help working people remain in the career they love and continue to achieve their goal. Helping all of the community to communicate effectively with the large number of people with hearing loss in the world, through simple means


Hearing loss communication specialist. Based in Shrewsbury, covering Telford and The West Midlands and parts of Cheshire and Staffordshire. I provide advice and guidance for people who have hearing loss, and their family. I provide services for employers and employees. These may be individually tailored support services or group workshop sessions.


I am currently the Vice chair of the Shropshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing Forum, I have been on the committee for 5 years and continue to support the deaf community through supporting the forum.

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